Monday, June 21, 2010

Personal Experiences

I am going to begin writing about some of the personal experiences I have had in my life. Some are just small to express a point while others are life-changing, soul gripping impacting situations that I will never forget.

Maybe someday I will compile these stories from this blog and put them into a book. It may sound a little boring right now, but I guarantee it is not!

I just celebrated this blog's 1 month anniversary this past weekend. From the start of it I said that I would write about many things. My life experiences is just another thing to add to the list. At the beginning when this blog started on May 20, I said that I would write about world events, the New World Order, and what is coming on this planet. Well I haven't done very much of that yet. I've really felt pressed to post the important things of Christianity first. This way  I'll make sure that the things of Bible truth are available first to who ever reads. I will still write about those things, but now I am adding topics that are more personal.

Some of these personal experiences I had are too incredible to keep to myself.  I can get writers block just like any other writer. So maybe this will help.  So far I have been posting almost every single day. I'm sure somebody is getting something out of reading this blog because I am getting a fair amount of visitors.  Many of them return to read the next post. For that I am glad and I hope the best for these folks whoever they may be.

So here's to more good writing to come.  Check back often!  And leave me any suggestions or comments in my BlogFrog community which you can find by looking on the right side of this page. ===>